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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  August 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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welcome to fox 5 morning news. n it's the first day back to school and all you high school fashionistas we want to see the styling outfits you are wearingi the first day. take a picture and tweet us youy back to school selfie. or pants take a picture of your kids and tweet us. @myfoxdc with the #selfie. # >> i was nervous on the first day of school.ool. maybe that's why i didn't wantta to go back. what are you going to wear? >> brand new homeroom. the mix of whether or not your friends were in the classes. true. good points. >> kind of nervous. ner >> i still liked the girls. that was all my motivation right there. >> that was pretty much it. >> that drove my high school, everybody.ev girls. >> excellent. [ laughter ] >> i'm a simple guy. >> yeah, no, i can see thank i
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had no idea you were such a hounddog back in the day. really? [laughter] >> looking great for the bus stop. fog developing across northern virginia. culpepper down towards manassas visibility greatly reduce. keep an eye out for the fog. f most of us in fairly good shapee here. 66 this morning at reagan national. 60 dulles, 62bwi marshall. we're looking the a partly sunny start to your day and then we'gn with a few scattered showers around. it's not one of those days where we're talking about heavy rain. but we'll have scattered showerd this afternoon. i guess that threat will linger to the game tonight for the redskin game.reds to be honest with you probably partly cloudy by the time they get going tonight at fed-ex field. 82 today. 82 is eight to ten degrees
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warmer than yesterday. >> it was weird, this weather this >> unusually cool.l. >> we'll take that warm up. thanks, tucker.tuck >> we'll check in with julie wright and get an update on the commute. >> piggy backing on what tuckerc said about the game tonight.on 4:00 is when the gates open. for those driving home at this hour you can expect heavier than usual volume delays in landover and traveling out of college park. plan your trip accordingly and d remember they open at four. we're anticipating a lot of slow traffic on the beltway and on the other side of town as well. we have accident activity to report. this is what is tying up your commute. accident closes 227 at briarwood road. we're told a helicopter has been requested at the scene. 227 remains closed in each direction. eastbound 66 a fender bender before nelly street. all after this activey cleared. no problems to report right now for those continuing northbound
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across the 14th street bridge. traffic volume at speed and noo correction on your way. way that's a check of your fox 5 onn time traffic. >> thank you, julie. whether they like it or not it's back to school for students in frederick in prince george's county schools.ol it's the first day on on the job for the new superintendent. since 2006 he has been the superintendent. he previously served as a teacher, principal and straighter in the system. we'll have much more on the the first day of school throughoutol the morning. >> also in the news this morning the search continues for a driver who hit a man in a wheelchair and then took off. this happened in waldorf aroundd 11 saturday night. the victim was trying to cross st. thomas parkway when he was hit. he was thrown to prince george's
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hospital and stable. witnesses say it was a white truck possibly ad for. if you have information in this case the charles county slef's s office wants to hear from you. >> happening today a trial for the man charged with murderingng have necessarya pham. >> julio garcia is. investigators say gars yafs high on pcp and he became enraged when pham took a wrong turn. t cameras are being allowed intolw the courtroom for the first time in nearly 20 years. it's expected to good for two weeks. >> also today attorneys for for virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen will try to convince federal
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prosecutors the couple should not be charged in a gift scandal. investigators are looking into whether he helped a company by accepting gifts. mcdonnell said he paid backid b more than $120,000 in loans given by the company. closing argue. s for bradley manning in fort meade. manning was found guilty of leaking 700,000 secret documents to the wikileaks web site and hh could get up to 90 years ins in prison. >> we're state waiting on word on what caused a jet blue plane heading to bwi to make an emergency >> it touched down safely at philadelphia last night. none of passengers or crew members were hurt. witnesses though say the crewrew smelled smoke in the cabin and d made the emergency landing as a
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precaution. fox 5 spoke by phone with one of passengers. she's a freelance photographer return together area after a a wedding shoot in boston.oot >> i could not site.. i heard someone else say they thought it smelled like a rubiei smoke. they opened up the doors and inflatable slides came out. some of us slid down the slide.. i saw passengers exit from the wing of the plane. >> passengers were eventuallyll put on other planes headed here to our area. >> when we come back. you think about your child's c safety when you send them off to school. >> when it comes to severe weather, are they getting the protection they need?he we'll have more on a push to to build safe rooms coming up. she was in the right place ate t the right time. a local rec center employee credited with saving a man's life and it's something all of us can learn from this. time now is 5:08. what makes your family smile?
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>> egypt today officials say the militants ambushed two policeolc
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mini buss this morning firing rocket-profelled grenades. they've seen almost daily attacks since the july 3 ouster of president morsi in a coupe. c today's violence comes after 36 members of muslim brotherhoodero were killed sunday while being transferred to prison. >> oscar piss toreas -- piss pistorius returned to court today. he said he mistakenly shot reva steenkamp because he thought she was a burglary.glar >> so for only a -- so far only a few city workers have done that and the city has untiltil december 6 to file responses.
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the bankruptcy judge issue thousands. detroit is $18 billion in debt. >> well, you know, schools good to great lengths to keep kids safe but some say there's nott enough protection when it comes to aveer weather. >> what one state bay do to change first we'll talk to tucker barnes. >> clouds in the area. otherwise a cloudy day. we have a summertime warm up on the way. vile your weather. julie has traffic. we'll do it after the break. [ female announcer ] is your conditioner doing the job?
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>> welcome back. a volcano spewing ash three miles into the sky. s the ash is covering the city. the volcano erupted for the 500th time just this year but this latest one is the biggest in decades. people were forced to hold towls over their -- towels over their mouths to breathe and train service stopped for a while. oklahoma is considering makingnm safe rooms mandatory in schools. right now most of the state's schools do not have a safe room or storm shelter. it could be an expensive project with a price tag estimated at more than $1 billion. s a recent poll found 75% of
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voters support the mandatory safe room. remember the drills you did for a kid for tornadoes.does maybe you didn't do. >> we didn't do them around here as much as you did. >> sit in the hall put yourr hands over your head. >> what if you had a volcano inn your backyard thank would not be good. >> hiding under your desk wouldn't help. >> sometimes you have to get out of dodge. d >> doing it 500 times, all the time. >> it just kind of spews.p >> it's a volcano >> let's get the weather forecast. guess what is making its returnr >> the bus stop forecast! >> hi kids! >> it's mostly symbolic becauseb it's only a couple of counties today. more and more over the nextt couple of weeks. you can see it's up to the same old antics. bus ready to tip over there. partly to mostly cloudy. areas of fog particular any in virginia here. getting widespread reports of
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fog and temperature in the mid-60s.s. temperatures nice and comfortable if your kids are headed to the bus stop.. 64 in annapolis. leonardtown 66 for you. is frederick county going to school today. frederick 59. maybe a light jacket.. 60 at dulles, 59 in winchester. here are the visibilities. you can see where the fog set slg up. here in washington 10 mile visibility.visi culpepper three tenths of a mile. getting fog off to the south and west. we'll watch and see fit grows over the next several hours.r satellite and radar clouding back in the forecast today. peaks or periods of sunshine earlism you can see rain in the most after this rain stays to the south. we'll have scattered showers, i emphasize a few scattered showers moving in mid to late i think it's out of here in time for the redskin game tonight.on probablyig seeing gradual clearg
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during the nighttime hours. highs back in the low 80s. we warm it up next week. 82 plenty of clouds.lo plenty of clouds are back. 67 tonight. partly cloudy with patchy fog. winds south and west at five. there's a look at your seven day forecast. 88 tomorrow. why not 90? we'll do it wednesday, thursday and friday. we'll be in the upper s they a cold front on friday. we should be cooler and less humid by the weekend. >> okay. o looks good. thank you, tucker. >> all right.. time now to say hello to julie wright. >> for the kids going to the bus stop. we have to get back to the swini of things, dress them in bright colors. >> i came into work this morning with a guy walking down the street with black shirt, black shorts, black shoes.ho i'm like really? >> hopefully he wasn't going to school. >> you never know. k remember tucker he had to leave at three to walk up a hill one
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way five miles. >> without shoes. >> see. [ laughter ][ northbound 95 so far without issue. continuing from woodbridge headed to the capitol beltway.. checking out the cameras further south. you were at speed. no issues reported northbound. 395 in great shape here leavinga the pentagon.gon. light traffic volume each way at the wilson bridge. traveling eastbound 66 so far without issue leaving manassas headed inbound towards centreville.ce quick peek at thnte maps. we have sad news to report in la plata. it's closed a portion of briarwood road. a ford f-150 is involved and a med evac helicopter has been requested at the scene. >> a d.c. rec employee was in the right place at the right time and she is credited withh
5:19 am
saving a man's life. l >> we have more on the lesson we can all learn from this. >> the d.c. democrat of parks and recreations 2013dmv basketball tournament was underway in northeast when one of men's league players askeded for a sub.b. >> i alerted my coworker. i said he didn't look right. >> she was keeping the book for the game. witnesses say when she realized something was wrong she sprungpn into action. >> she was sitting at the desk saying he doesn't look right. next thing you know he passed out in a chair and then slipped down on the floor. >> his eyes rolled back, it was a sight i never want to see never. >> newton said it appears asas though the man, 34-year-old wese hunt had a seizure and then they realized he wasn't breathing. >> i started doing chest compressions and got the mouth to put over his mouth. i was doing chest appreciations.
5:20 am
>> she kept on performing cpr until the ambulance arrived. newton said she just learned the technique two months ago.mont >> we have to be certified cer because we work around adults and kids as well.e >> officials say the victim was alert and conscious when he was transported to prince george'seg hospital center.ital >> i give thanks to god. without him he did it. it was all him. i was doing the work with him. that's all. >> according to the red cross, 70% of americans either don'tont know cpr are or training has lapsed. all of this an important reminder about the benefits of learning. in the newsroom lauren demarco fox 5 news. >> it's an iconic piece of michael jackson wardrobe.n wa why the crystal glove is at thet end of a legal dispute. >> new claims princess diana was murdered. new claves of foul play in her
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death coming up in a moment. 
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meanwhile the man with perhaps the world's best name change has been arrested again. in case you haven't heard of him beezowdodozopitybop bop bop was arrested in iowa. he was arrested with driving d without registration. a born jeffrey drew willski he changed his name in 2011. he said it represents the infinite lovely in the community. >> is that what it represents or just a bunch of letters. >> it also represents the struggle of every day life. mr. bop bop. >> yeah, okay.. >> michael jackson's iconic crystal glove at the center of a legal dispute. back in 2010 it was purchased ad
5:25 am
an auction by the son of guinea's president. the justice department allegespa he purchasedrt it with stolent public funds. the u.s. government tried to to seize his assets in 2011 but it was thrown out last year. now the justice department has filed a new suit but attorneys a for the man say it has no grounds. a lot of stuff of michael jackson's is in legal dispute at all times it seems like in his life. >> interesting. >> goodness. all right. >> police are looking into new allegations that princess diana may have been murdered. >> we have the latest.ates >> nearly 16 years after her aft death on august 31, 1997, british police have received new information another conspiracy c claiming the princess of ceals was killed -- wales was killed. scotland yard is assessing the relevance and credibility fromm new information given by the
5:26 am
former parents in law of a former soldier. the soldier is believed to have been a member of elite british commando movement. the letter boasted in a the military was behind the death of princess diana the royal family not commenting. >> it has to be tough on william and harry. they have a smiling hatred of the media on many levels because of this reason and because they believe that the media helped drive diana to her death. in saying that they believe as most reasonable people do thato it was a tragic accident. >> 36-year-old principle -- princess diana left the ritz on that fateful night. n followed by the pop razee they were killed when the mercedes-benz hit a pillar in a pearis tunnel.unne investigators concluded thelu drunk dderiving caused the accident. conspiracy they'rorrists believe she was murdered. the british tablloyds are going
5:27 am
crazy but scotland yard saidand it's not a reinvestigation intoi her death. in new york new york city, fox x >> the fascination continues. >> yes. >> with her death and the royalo in general. >> it z. still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. it's back to school for one of largest systems in the area. coming up a look at what changec students in prince george's county will see this year. >> a study that might make parents think twice before youou let your kids sip on saidal. time now is 5:28. back after this.
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you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. >> first day back to school forc many in thek region. >> they'll be able to handle it. no rain serve dealing with. nothing >> weatherwise it feels like fall. >> you know, nice. y >> which is good. if you have to go back to school you don't want it to be hot. >> the air conditioning never works right.t. never did in my building. >> you had air conditioning? >> no. >> that was out of school sometimes.time it would be so hot. >> i forgot you were from ruralm
5:31 am
areas. >> they let you out when it gott too >> i don't know what wasat w happening to me. >> let's get to it no. need for air conditioning this morning. doing just fine.ine 66 at reagan national. 66 dulles. yesterday was cool, wasn't it? >> it was. was >> 72 was the high. you might see peeks of sunshinee early but sort of back end of the system from yesterday thatm came we have tocame deal with that tt will likely bring us a few light showers during the course of the day. you can see showers developing across southwest virginia this morning. let me add on, we've got fog in places like culpepper and manassas. overnight temperatures cooling off. visibilities a quarter of a mile
5:32 am
in some spots. a few showers later today. high temperatures with a little sunshine will warm it up to the low 80s. yes, into the low 80s and get ready for heat. we're near 90 about it middle of the we'll have several days here with warmer temperatures. details on that in a minute.t >> not too hot though. we're not talking like a heat wave or anything?nyth >> no record heat but not a lot of 90s this morning. >> that's true.>> t >> it's been a nice break for the summer. >> a nice cool month so far. >> we'll see how the traffic is looking this morning.. >> good morning, guys. once again just a reminder. keep an eye peeled for yellow buses on the road this morning and pedestrians as well. we on the roads right now though we do have problems to report in la plata at briarwood road. a med evac helicopter was requested at the scene. no issues in virginia traveling
5:33 am
northbound along 95. light volume out of stafford through woodbridge to the beltway. light traffic volume for those on 66 east of vienna and right r now we're starting to seat volume increase coming inbound -- see the volume increase coming inbound. it's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. thank you, julie. teachers and students in frederick county maryland and prince george's county begin a new school >>w the new year also means a brand new superintendent who hah big plans for major improvements.emen melanie is live with a closer look. good morning, mel.mel. >> good morning, wisdom. the bus lots across the county c are revving up right about now as that first wave of the beginning of the school year. the bell here at bladensburg will ring at 8:15.5. in addition to the new
5:34 am
superintendent there's several s new things. we'll talk about kevin maxwell. he is the first c.e.o. to be appointed rather than chosen by the school board. they agreed to give the control of school system as $1.7 budget. maxwell was the superintendentnn of ann arundel schools. he grew up and lives in the county. he has been a teacher, assistant principal, principal and when he was introduced in june maxwell said he wants to transform the environment.nt >> kids know whether you care c about them. they know whether you love them or dismiss them and don't caree about them.m. we want great teachers in our classrooms who love our childred like their t >> one of big things here is hopefully it brings in consistency in leadership. prince grg's county has had a lot of turnover.
5:35 am
many say way too much turnover in the top job. maxwell said his goal is to remain as a c.e.o. of the schoos system for at least 8-10 years. there's more than 600 new teachers in this the schoolchoo system this year. there's a new pre-k program and full day program as well.ell. we'll talk about that new transforming neighborhoods initiative that brought that tot the schools when we come becomee on fox 5 news at 6:00. 6: back to you guys.u >> melanie. thank you very much for thatthat report. >> happening today, juryry selection set to begin in the in trial of man charged with murdering virginia teen van necessarya pham. julio blanco-garcia is accused of stabbing her to death after convincing her to give him and a his one-year-old daughter to a hospital. investigators say he became enraged when pham took a wrong turn out of a fall's church
5:36 am
shopping center. cameras will be allowed in the courtroom for the frs time in 20 years. attorneys for virginia governor mcdonnell and his wife will meet with prosecutor and try to convince them the couple shoulde not be charged. at issue here is whether mcdonnell. publicly lobbied for the nutritional supplement company, star sign tisk, while accepting gifts and money from the chief executive. mcdonnell said he has not broken any laws. l the governor has paid back more than $120,000 in loans receivedr from the company. >> the sentencing stage of bradley manning's court martial is starting today. manning has been found guilty on most of charges after spendingpd more than $700,000 military and diplomatic documents to wikileaks. he was working in iraq as an intelligence analyst at the same time. he faces a maximum of up to 90 years in prison. a new twist in the edward
5:37 am
snowden affair. the recorder for the guardian newspaper said his partner was detained in london. jim greenwoodwall is based in brazil. his parter was flying through heathrow when british authorities held him under an anti-terrorism law but they questioned him for nine years and never talked about trivment. he was held nine hours and released. weanwall said it was -- greenwell said it was a link between the leak story. >> did you feel like that back-to-school shopping was longer this year? if so, you are not alone. tell but that when we come back. time now 5:38.
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>> there's another reason to make sure your kids don't drink too much soda. a study found that the more soda a child had each day, the moree likely they were to have behavioral problems. researchers is a kinder gardners who had four or more servingseri that day were tries as likely to be aggressive and more likely to have attention problems compared to kids who didn't have soda at
5:41 am
all. they say the soda may not be att cause but there's a correlationc >> if you felt like the back-to-school shopping list was long, you are not alone. 90% of parents say they have to buy extra supplies to make up for budget cuts. everything from paper and cleaning supplies to sports equipment.eq >> man. >> was your list longer this year? >> it's always longer. i did -- what i did do this year is go around found pencils, erases and sharpeners. >> so you don't have to buy it again. >> it's amazing what sp underer the sofas and in the corners. saving money. it's not just about the supplies but the clothes important forntf the first day of school. fox 5 would love for to you show off your first day outfits. high school kids take a picture of your clothes and tweet us your back-to-school selfie. >> parents watching tweet us pictures of younger students. tweet us @myfoxdc and use the
5:42 am
#selfie. take some pictures. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ >> it's monday, august 19. first day of school back to work
5:45 am
for lots of you. we have something to look forward to at the end of day redskins. >> first dave school, redskins game. >> turning the corner to fallll here. forecast, starting with the redskin forecast. mostly because i. >> you are focused on that. >> any excuse at all to use this particular graphic. if you are going to the game, won't be seahawks. it's mostly cloudy. i have to upkay then 64 in annapolis. >> i'll get it right next time. >> okay. >> obviously they are playinge p
5:46 am
the steelers, everybody. leonardtown 63. 62 in fredericksburg.rede fog south and west. manassas, culpepper dealing with foggy conditions. the fog trying to expand itself further to the north and east. dealing with fog. 60 dulles, 59 frederick. starting school in frederick this morning. we have partly to mostly cloudy conditions. here is where the these visibilities are falling. we have follow developing as well we have a few scattered s showers moving influence thishis afternoon as we're dealing with
5:47 am
the upper level energy much of week featuring temperaturespera above normal with highs tomorrow near 90. notice the scattered showers breaking out again. a there we are at six. just a few scattered showers left over. should be partly to mostly m cloudy at gametime and not expecting measurable rain during the evening hours.. plenty of clouds. scattered showers are back. 67 tocht.. partly cloudy. patchy fog redeveloping byopin morning and there's your seven day forecast. upper 80s near 90 tomorrow. doing 90 wednesday, thursday ana friday before a cold front brings us slightly less humid h and cooler air for the weekend.e but again, kind of a taste of summer back for most of the week. >> yeah, i see that. 90s, hello. when was the last time we saw s
5:48 am
them a couple weeks ago >> wee haven't had any 90's. 90' >> do you have a summer cold? >> yeah. >> sniffle sniffle. >> as long as its stays there and not here. h >> nowhere near us.s. >> keep it to yourself. >> accident activity in la plata closing a road involving a pickup truck to a utility poll. an ongoing investigationon continues at this time. we'll show you what we have in virginia. light traffic volume for those continuing northbound 95 out of stafford. eastbound 66 leaving manassas. the travel starting to slow. s northbound 95 no accidents to report. volume is flowing traveling out
5:49 am
of woodbridge. lanes on 395 leaving the beltway towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> robert griffin president clinton 3r has a loyal legion oo fans fn there's one providing inspiration to the superstar. more on this 13-year-old who hao a lot of talent and a story to tell.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> skins hosting the steelers tonight in the first home game of season. sea one of question marks has been b the defensive secondary. redskins drafted two safeties and a corner back but fip yip thomas went down with a food injury. looks like the sixth round safety rambo will get a startrt this week. they have a mix of veterans. defensive coordinator said the secondary is in good hands with fiery defensive back hoach rahim morris at the helm. >> he is a rah-rah yell it guy. the players like. that everybody is different. you like his style. s i think he is into it. he likes the player. p he works hards. he understands the scheme and ad gets the most out of those guys. >> coaching is awesome. it's what we do. d we come out. have fun and compete against each other. we develop a brotherhood of men. you go out there and play the game and find ways to winch it's the bottom line every single day and that's what i do. i come out every day and it's a
5:53 am
ball. >> all right. he's all fired up. i like that you can catch allll the action of the preseason home opener on our sister station at 8:00 tonight. we'll have a live preview on the fox 5 news at 5:00. metro is staying open one hour late to accommodate all the crowds heading home from fed-ex field. let's talk about this. being the face of the franchise rg3 sign his fair share of autographs. >> i'm sure he has it down. this past week it's one like any other. the reining rookie of the year got a dos of inspiration, too. t scott smith has the heart warming story of perseverance. >> he's the face of the franchise, the face of the nfl and everyone wants a piece off robert griffin iii. but 13-year-old felix has a a piece and he wears it proudly. p >> when did you decide to do
5:54 am
that? >> last year. >> it's his latest design. before he was worn the umbilicab cord was bringing death to his s right leg. the cord wrapped so tightly around his leg acting like a turn get cutting off a tragic situation but on this day pure >> i'm excitemented. >> today he gets to meet his >> he is an inspiring person because as i grow my bone grows. after he had his leg surgery he came back and that inspired me e to come back. b >> nice. nic >> it inspires me to start walking again.wa >> whatlk would it mean to you o have robert sign your leg? >> amazing especially i'm going to have that with me everywhere i go.i go >> it's a humbling experience tt see but lets me me that my son's
5:55 am
anointing and good's plan is working through others. his mind says nothing is going i to stop him and i love that. >> the quarterback whose own lee is the center of so much discussion made his way over and left his mark. >> i'm speechless. i don't know what to say about that, man. i mean what an honor that you think that much of me to put me on your pros lettic leg. >> wouldn't you know it ended up being the other way around. rico is doing the inspiring. >> we'll do everything we can do this year for you, man., >> what a great story. >> amazing. >> like he says. i'm sure rg3 to see his face on his pros lettic i'm sure it meant something to him he will never forget in that young boy, too. >> inspiration. they are not just for nabbing criminals. how stores are using surveillance cameras to improver the way you shop. we'll have more on that. >> first we want to say good
5:56 am
morning to today's fan of the day and it's lelani philips. she said she loves the entirefot especially likes tuning in foror ask tony and tucker. tuc that's like a model photo look at h >> perfect lighting and background. >> gorgeous. everything is nice. thank you. we hope you have a great day. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day like our facebook page and post a comment blow the picture. we're talking about your morning commute, your weather.r w we've got it all.ll fox 5 morning news after the break. what makes your family smile?
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license and registration please. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >> straight ahead at 6:00, summer ends for many students. >> we are live with the first day back. also the first day under new leadership. >> plus a suspect in one of the region's most high profile murder cases. "fox 5 morning news" continues now. >> this is "fox 5 morning news."


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